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Morocco Odyssey

This trip to Morocco has it all - some great little adventures, history, culture and fun!

Ever dreamt of riding camels out into the Sahara desert and sleeping under the stars, or hiking up into the Atlas mountains and staying with a Berber family?
We also explore the exotic souqs (markets) looking for mysterious treasures in the old and fascinating cities of Fès, Marrakech and Essaouira. This trip is filled with special moments...

African Safari: Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda

Have you always wanted to go on Safari in Africa?

Join us as we go on a wild adventure as we head out into the dark continent! This is our "Game Parks and Gorillas" trip - we visit an array of game reserves, tribes and wild animals. See African animals in their true habitat - cheetah, hippos, zebras, giraffes, pink flamingoes plus many more - it's an all-star cast!
We finish off the trip having fun helping out at Ruhengeri orphanage. One thing is for sure: Africa will always claw at your heart to come back...

Egypt Nile Cruise, Sahara & Jordan

Egypt and Jordan - history, culture, and middle Eastern mystique....

Egypt Nile Cruise, Sahara & Jordan - Egypt Nile Cruise, Sahara & Jordan

Take a cruise on the Nile, sleep under a starry Arabian sky in the magnificent White Desert, stand before the Pyramids of Giza, and explore the beautiful pink and orange lost city of Petra. These are just some of the many incredible things we do along the way. Egypt and Jordan are two amazing countries with fascinating cultures, awe-inspiring landscapes and friendly locals. Come with us on a journey back in time, full of culture, adventure and fun!

Egypt - Nile Cruise and Sahara

Egypt - balmy desert, amazing temples and tombs, and a cruise on the Nile...

Imagine yourself relaxing next to a pool under the hot Egyptian sun, cool drink in hand, on the deck of a beautiful cruise ship - casually watching life on shore pass by, as we float from one amazing place to the next. Sounds good, doesn't it! Egypt is a country that just has to be visited to be believed, and really is a must on any travelers list. The legacies left behind in the form of incredible temples, pyramids and artifacts created by the Pharaohs and other ancient peoples will leave you absolutely speechless, especially in places like Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel and Cairo. What better way to experience these treasures than on board a cruise ship on the Nile! We begin our trip as "land-lubbers" in Cairo and Aswan, taking in the sights and mingling with the locals, before boarding our beautiful boat for a very "cruisey" holiday. We finish the trip with an overnight jeep safari into the spectacular white desert of the Sahara, spending the night under a starry Arabian sky!.

Namibia & Botswana

Stunning desert landscapes and animals in the wild - a great adventure!

Starting at Victoria Falls in Livingstone, we continue on to Namibia, a land of huge vistas and ever-changing scenery that will take your breath away. We stay in the Etosha National Park, where we view giraffe, zebra, impala, elephants and more. Explore the Skeleton Coast, ancient Bushman rock art, and in Swakopmund we spend a day enjoying the cafes, great shops, and wonderful food.
On to Botswana, where we tay on an island in the Okavango Delta, taking a sunset walk to see animals grazing in the beautiful light of the day. Our final days are spent in Chobe National Park where we take a boat cruise - see hippos, crocs and elephants in the water, and buffalo and kudu on land.
There is no doubt that an African safari is a life-changing experience!

India Highlights

India is a feast for the senses!

Think India and you think of colourful saris, delicious spicy food, sacred cows, sensual smells, rickshaws, and chaotic yet irresistible markets packed with fantastic handmade treasures. Think Rajasthan and you think of romantic deserts, camels sauntering across golden dunes, exotic men in colourful turbans, princely palaces and temples, all with a backdrop of wonderful mystical charm. Rajasthan is a fairytale land full of rich treasures - vibrant, colourful, magic and exotic - no wonder travelers love it.

Special Trip

Special one-time-only tours to exotic destinations!

To keep your travels and adventures with us interesting, each year we offer special one-off tours to exotic destinations.
These are trips that we will not be running on a regular basis, so you have to keep an eye on this page to see where we are heading next on an exclusive, insightful and fascinating trip! One thing is for sure: it is guaranteed to be an incredible, unforgettable Venus Adventure!


Ethiopia has to be Africa's best kept secret!

Ethiopia is a country with a long history of Kings and Queens (the Queen of Sheba was Ethiopian), it has 1000-year old monasteries and churches filled with fresco paintings and incredible rock architecture and carvings, it has rock-hewn churches (churches literally carved out of the ground), great food, wonderfully warm and friendly people, fascinating tribes, a patchwork landscape of plateaus, mountains and deep valleys, and for all you caffeine-addicts it has the best coffee in the world! It really is an incredibly interesting place - in fact, you may not want to leave!

The Best of South India

Experience the best of South India!

The Best of South India - The Best of South India

Experience the region's rich heritage, royal splendour, performance arts and culture, beautiful handicrafts, magnificent tea gardens, exotic spice plantations and beautiful beaches. Enjoy the warm hospitality of welcoming locals in comfortable home stays. You will explore the region's tranquil backwaters and thick jungles to round off your magical experience!

Italy - walking and eating!

Breathtakingly beautiful walks combined with delicious meals and a slice of culture/history

Enjoy a women-only hiking trip through picturesque Italian villages in the Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terra! This trip is a great combination of walks in stunning locations with breathtaking views - we make our way through olive and lemon groves, through forests and along hillsides, with the turquiose ocean glistening below us, stopping in charming villages for mouth-watering lunches.

At night we dine on exquisite Italian food in lovely restaurants. We take the occasional boatride to enjoy a swim or to get to the Isle of Capri. In between walks we get our fill of history and culture in Pompeii, Naples, Florence and Milan.
And there is even time for shopping!! This trip is too good to be true..

Spain walking and eating trip

Enjoy beautiful walks and delicious food and culture on this fabulous Andalucia trip!

Our Spain trip takes us on a journey through the magical Andalucía - the southernmost region of Spain, known for its hospitable people, passion for life, great food, sunshine, and stunning landscapes.

We visit the best of Andalucía's charming, white-washed towns and exciting cities, we enjoy a variety of beautiful walks to discover the region's natural beauty, and indulge in meals full of local specialties. And that's just in between looking at fabulous architecture and art, seeing a flamenco show, tasting local wines, sherries and olive oils, exploring the hidden alleyways for boutique shops and traditional cafés, and much more!

Women Only Cruises

Ocean and River Cruises

Women Only Cruises - Women Only Cruises

So you are looking for a trip that is a little more "cruisey"? Look no further, you are in the right place! Picture yourself with a wine in your hand, as you sit on deck, admiring the ever-changing scenery as you float past charming villages and breathtaking landscapes!

We will be offering different river and ocean cruises on this page - some will be combined with land-time to ensure variety in the itinerary. And we will always go on smaller boats to give you a more personal experience, because that is what we are all about!
These trips will not be running on a regular basis, so you have to keep an eye on this page to see where we are heading next on an exclusive, insightful and fascinating trip!

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Special one-time only trip to see the tribes of southern Ethiopia


Join us from 18-27 February 2019 visiting the fascinating tribes of Southern Ethiopia. Ethiopia has a huge array of interesting tribes, still wearing traditional dress and living as they have done since...well, who knows when! As modernity encroaches, one day things will change forever...we visit and interact with these tribes and see how life is changing for them and the many things that still remain. Truly a trip that will leave an unforgettable impression on you!

Colourful Cuba

Cigars, salsa and vintage cars, join us in Cuba for 10 days of fun!

Colourful Cuba - Colourful Cuba

-convertible car tour of Havana
-visit to a tobacco farm, (get your picture with a massive cigar in your mouth! :))
-fun salsa lesson, learn to move like a local!
-we stay in guesthouses and get in amongst the local landscape
-pull up a rocking chair and enjoy the slow, old-world pace of rural Cuba
-walk through the farm lands of Vinales
-swim in the clear waters of the Bay of Pigs
-Trinidad: take in the eye-catching colorful houses, cobblestone streets and old-fashioned locals

"I loved the variety of accommodation. We stayed in everything from 5 star hotels to sleeping under the stars in the Sahara (who's going to believe me?!)"

Leigh, NZ

Life is uncertain - eat cake!

"Life is uncertain
- eat cake!"

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