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Global Trips For Women

Global Trips For Women

Travel Products

Useful, practical, and environmentally-friendly travel products to make your travels easier. From guide books to luggage, here you will find things that we ourselves use and recommend. There are also some beautiful and interesting products from overseas charities that we support - have fun shopping, ladies!

Travel Shoulder Bag

Feel safe with this handy-sized travel bag!

I threw my money belt away a long time ago, it was horrible having that thing stuck to my body all day, and a nightmare if I needed money out of it. Now I just travel with this practical travel shoulder bag with lots of great anti-theft features!

Water Filter Bottle

Save the planet and your health!

Save on plastic while you are travelling and always drink clean, filtered water! I don't leave home without one of these filtered water bottles.

Travel Wallet

This handy travel wallet comes with a chain so you can hook it on to your shoulder bag and not worry about pick-pockets doing a snatch-and-grab trick on you!

Travel Towel

A towel always comes in handy, but only if it doesn't take up half your luggage space!

Get yourself a fast-drying towel to take to the beach, pool, camping, or wherever you might need it!

Travel bottles

Take just what you need with you, save on weight, travel light!

Fill these bottles with shampoo, soap, conditioner etc and make your travels lighter!

Portable Travel Safe

This is really handy if you have lots of valuables and you want to be able to leave them in your room and have peace-of-mind.

The travel safe is made of a durable material with mesh (anti-slash) inside, and you attach it with a metal cable to the bed (or anything a thief can't run off with). Lock it shut with a heavy-duty padlock. And now you can enjoy your day out!

Culture Guide to Morocco

This book is essential for any trip to Morocco to help you understand their cultures and customs. I always take it with me!

The Caliph's House - a year in Casablanca

My absolute favourite book on Morocco, and a must-read before or after your trip

Tahir Shar moves his family from London to a run-down old Caliph's house in Casablanca with dreams of a new, exotic life. Little did he know that Morocco is full of surprizes, both good and bad. This book will give you a great insight into the madness, mystery and magic that is Morocco!

Lucky Iron Fish

A great gift for anyone iron deficient!

Lucky Iron Fish

The Lucky Iron fish was created for iron-deficient Cambodians, but are great for anyone who lacks iron in their diet (eg pregnant women). One Lucky Iron Fish can provide an entire family with up to 90% of their daily iron intake for up to 5 years. All you have to do is cook with it. It's a simple, affordable, and effective solution anyone can use. When you buy an iron fish, a local family gets given one.

Life is uncertain - eat cake!

"Life is uncertain
- eat cake!"

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