Incredible India! Join us on a magical, exotic journey

Global Trips For Women

Global Trips For Women

Incredible India! Join us on a magical, exotic journey

Colourful Rajasthan, bustling Delhi & Mumbai, diwali celebrations, wildlife encounters, fascinating Varanasi, and the pulsating Pushkar Camel Fair are just some of the highlights on this adventure

Date & Duration: 18th October - 7th November 2025 - 21 days
Cost: EUR5800 twin share, EUR1900 single - What's included?
Arrival & Departure points: Delhi/Mumbai
Group size: Max 10, min 8
Meals not included: Breakfast and dinner included

Incredible India - an assault on the senses!

Incredible India - an assault on the senses!

Arrive Delhi Airport where our local guide will meet us. Transfer to hotel for breakfast and tour briefing.
This morning we'll visit the first of many amazing monuments. Humayun's Tomb and the surrounding
monuments date back to the early 1500s and was the first garden tomb in India, the first structure to use
red sandstone on a grand scale and is a UNESCO Heritage site.
We also take a drive past the Govt Buildings (President's house and Secretariat Houses) and have a
photo stop at India Gate before heading back to our hotel to check in and have a rest before our Welcome Dinner.
Accommodation: Oberoi Maidens 4* (2 nights) Meals: D

This morning, we drive to bustling Old Delhi, past the Red Fort to visit the Jama Mosque, India's largest
mosque and one of the finest examples of Mughal architecture. It was built by Emperor Shah Jahan,
who also commissioned the Taj Mahal.
We then venture into the energetic market of Chandni Chowk. A thrilling rickshaw ride will whizz us
down narrow lanes deep into the colourful chaos of the old city where we disembark and take a stroll
through the largest spice bazaar in Asia. Watch wily men with gnarled hands and strong backs, unload
spices of many different colours. Pop into any of the many spice shops and take in the amazing aromas.
Learn about the fascinating Sikh religion at Gurudwara Temple. Within the temple, sit and take in the
richly decorated walls and ceiling whilst listening to prayers and chanting. In the temple kitchen you can
join a voluntary group cooking for thousands of devotees.
Time and traffic dependent, we may also visit Raj Rhat (Gandhi Memorial) and do some shopping. A
good opportunity to buy something special to wear for Diwali and to the Taj Mahal. Meals: B, D

This morning, we head back to Delhi airport for a flight to Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh. On arrival,
transfer to our hotel. Rest of day at leisure. Our hotel has a lovely pool and a great spa to make use of.
Later in the day, we will go out for a roam around town and see how the locals prepare their homes for
Diwali, and this evening take in the Sound and Light Show at the temples.
Accommodation: Ramada 4* (2 nights) Meals: B, D

We beat the crowds with a dawn start to see the magnificent Khajuraho temples. With a specialist
guide, we explore the UNESCO World Heritage site viewing the artistically carved temples with spiritual
teachings and erotic relationships dating back to 950AD - the history and architectural craftsmanship are
quite astounding. Back to hotel for late breakfast and rest of day at leisure.
This evening, we celebrate Diwali! Across India, this 5-day Festival of Light is celebrated with great
enthusiasm by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains. It coincides with harvest and symbolises the victory
of good over evil. Families come together, candles are lit and placed throughout homes, in streets,
places of worship and floated on lakes and rivers. Fireworks ward off evil spirits, Indian sweets are
savoured, and new beginnings are celebrated. Join the crowds as they flock to the temple. Inside the
temple witness fervent praying, symbols clashing, bells ringing, and candles everywhere - a religious
spectacle not to be missed. Meals: B, D

Check out after breakfast and take a short drive to Panna. Our unique accommodation is located right
on the Ken River. Later today we'll set off on our first wildlife safari by open jeep with a specialist
nature guide. Panna Tiger Reserve is in the Vindhyan mountain range with a terrain of extensive
plateaus and gorges. The Ken River flows through the reserve, attracting a large variety of animals and
birds. Ancient rock paintings can also be found here. Eyes peeled for the elusive Bengal tiger! These
mighty creatures are often lazing under bushes and hard to spot, but if we're lucky we could see one in
the river or walking along a track. We're not guaranteed to see any tigers of course, but there will be
plenty of other wildlife to spot.
Accommodation: Ken River Lodge 3.5* (1 night) Meals: B, D

Rise early for another chance to spot wildlife in the Panna Tiger Reserve.
This afternoon we travel by road (approx. 3 hours) to Jhansi and board a train bound for Agra. Travelling
by train is a great people-watching exercise and one of the most popular modes of transport in India.
It's a change from travelling by road and a new experience to tick off.
Accommodation: Trident 4* (2 nights) Meals: B, D

A leisurely start to the day with a visit to the Agra Fort - one of the grandest forts in India and a pleasant
place to roam around taking in the astounding history, buildings and views.
Later we'll visit Mehtab Bagh - the gardens located on the banks of the Yamuna River for a different
view of the Taj Mahal.
Whilst in Agra, we will visit an emporium where you can watch artisans working on the complex process
of inlaying precious stones into marble. There will be a chance to purchase products here. Meals: B, D

Rise early for a much-anticipated visit to the Taj Mahal. We aim to be one of the first groups to enter to
capture the beautiful monument without the crowds. Watch as the sun rises and starts to kiss different
aspects of the building making it shimmer and sparkle. We'll be taken to the best photography and
viewing sites to make sure our experience of visiting the Taj Mahal is as fulfilling as possible. There will
be plenty of time to wander at leisure to explore all the impressive buildings within the complex and to go
inside the Taj and get up close to the intricate marble inlay and architecture of one of the most
photographed buildings in the world.
Return to hotel for late breakfast and check out.

Spend the afternoon watching a live movie from your coach seat - colourful, crazy India! The drive to
Jaipur will take around 5 hours and we'll have some comfort stops along the way. On arrival in The Pink
City, we check into our hotel. This evening you might like to cross the road and view the Water Palace
in the night light.
Accommodation: Trident Hotel 5* (2 nights) Meals: B, D

This morning, we explore the Amber Fort also known as Amer Palace. This is a fabulous place to
wander around the different courtyards and view the architecture, which is a fusion of Rajput (Hindu) and
Mughal (Islamic) styles. The handsome pillars and delicate floral designs in the Hall of Mirrors are
particularly gorgeous.
After lunch, visit the City Palace, the principal residence of Jaipur's current ruling family. Time to
explore the museums - full of ancient weaponry, art, exquisite royal attire, and jewellery. Also, see Hawa
Mahal - a fabulous structure with its 953 windows.
Later visit Jantar Mantar. This UNESCO World Heritage site will amaze you with its astronomical and
astrological tools used by researchers of ancient India.
There will be a chance for shopping whilst in Jaipur - beautiful hand-made carpets and jewellery are
excellent buys. Meals: B, D

Early this morning we stop by the Milk Market to see milk sellers, dressed in their traditional white dhotis
and kurtas. Then take a stroll through the Flower Market awash with huge mounds of bright marigolds
and other flowers.
Afterwards, sit back and relax and watch that continual colourful movie out the coach window as we
drive to the sacred Hindi city of Pushkar (approx. 3.5 hour drive).
Check into our tented camp and have lunch.
Later this afternoon we head into the Pushkar fairgrounds to revel in the festivities - your head will be
swivelling frantically, as every which way you look is an amazing spectacle! Hundreds of camels, horses
and cattle, along with their owners, camp in the dunes. Brisk trade goes on day and night, deals are
sealed, and animals are exchanged. It is a gathering of men with large colourful turbans, women
wrapped in gorgeous saris and exquisite jewellery, and children dressed in beautiful traditional attire.
Back to camp for a performance from Kalbelia gypsies followed by Dinner.
Accommodation: Deluxe tents with ensuite bathroom (2 nights) Meals: B, D

Early morning visit to Pushkar Fairground - a photographer's delight. Capture herds of camels coming
over the dunes as the sunrises creating fantastic silhouettes. Watch the camp come to life, fires lit, tea
brewed, smoke drifts lazily out of mouths as pipes are puffed, chapatis are slapped into shape, kids run
amuck, camels are led to water troughs, stallions prance down the street, camels are carefully clipped
and then gaily dressed for dancing competitions.
Return to camp for breakfast and a rest.
After lunch return to Pushkar Town which will be buzzing with many visitors and different tribes here to
celebrate the fair and to worship in the temple and lake. After a blessing beside the Lake, there will be
time for shopping. Meals: B, D

Last opportunity to get your fill of the action-packed Fairground with an early morning visit (or you may
prefer to have a sleep-in). After breakfast, we have another fascinating drive through to Deogargh
(approx 4 hours).
Along the way you will spot flashes of colour as we pass locals dressed in colourful saris and turbans.
Hard workers in the fields, women baking dung patties, drawing water from wells and carrying water pots
seemingly effortlessly on their heads.
After the craziness of the cities and fair, you will find the pace of Deogarh much slower. We are staying
in a 17th century mahal (palace) now converted into a heritage hotel. The Maharaja and Maharani also
live here.
Later this afternoon we board a classic jeep for a drive into the countryside - it's a great time of day to
see hardworking farmers coming in from the fields with their flocks.
Accommodation: Deogargh Palace Heritage hotel (2 nights) Meals: B, D

This morning, we visit a small country school to meet the children and teachers. Continue to a quiet
rural train station and board a local train running on a 1930's British track. We rumble through the
Aravali Hills through tunnels and across bridges enjoying the scenery and mingling with the locals. A
magical experience.
We'll disembark after a few hours and drive to Jojawar. After lunch at a stately mahal, there's free time
to explore the village where you will find small shops selling unique jewellery to tribeswomen, sacred
cows wandering among the narrow streets, and a general simplicity to life in the country. Return to
Deogargh by road (approx. 1 hour drive). Meals: B, D

We depart early to arrive in Ravla Khempur??in time for lunch. Time to explore the hotel made famous by
the popular movie Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.
It's a short drive to the charming white city of Udaipur. This afternoon, enjoy a boat ride on Lake
Pichola to view the magnificent buildings including the Lake Palace built with marble and sandstone
and seemingly floating on top of the lake.
Accommodation: Trident hotel 4* (1 night) Meals: B, D

After breakfast, we visit one of the largest royal complexes in Rajasthan for a tour through The City
Palace - an elaborate web of palaces, temples, courtyards with artistic gardens and mosaics, and the
beautiful man-made lake, Fateh Sagar Lake.
Sit back and relax for an interesting drive to The Blue City of Jodhpur (approx. 6 hour drive). On
arrival you can view the imposing Mehrangarh Fort and blue buildings from our hotel's rooftop bar &
dining area - a stunning backdrop to sit as the sun sets.
Accommodation: Pal Haveli Heritage hotel (2 nights) Meals: B, D

Early this morning we will walk through the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park for panoramic views and a
chance to capture the Mehrangarh Fort and the city of Jodhpur as the sunrises - totally worth the early
wakeup call. Back to hotel for breakfast.
At Jaswant Thada, marvel at the architecture and beautiful jalis (carved-marble lattice screens)??of the
cenotaph and cremation grounds of the royal family of Marwar. Stroll around the pretty gardens and
soak up the serenity.
Time to explore the mighty Mehrangarh, one of the grandest forts in India. This impregnable fort rises
perpendicular on a rocky hill above the city and is still run by the Jodphur royal family. Stroll, at your own
pace, through the buildings which are packed with legends and history dating back to 1459.
Jodphur is renowned for silver, silk and textiles and there will be a chance to purchase exquisite
scarves, bedlinen, and jewellery. Our accommodation is directly across from the Clock Tower market -
a great place for people-watching and making a few purchases. Meals: B, D

We have a travel day, flying from Jodhpur via Delhi to Varanasi. If you thought you'd seen it all, wait till
you get to Varanasi! Your eyes will be popping as we make our way from the airport by vehicle and
then boat to our accommodation located on the Ganges River. This is the perfect location to step out
anytime you like and explore the ghats or just sit and people-watch.
We'll have an orientation walking tour along the river ghats and the oldest and most famous narrow
lanes of Varanasi, past the endless human panorama - pilgrims, worshippers, sadhus, the burning ghat,
children selling flowers and floating lights.
Accommodation: Ganpati Guest House 3* (2 nights) Meals: B, D

An early wake-up call to see the rising sun as we gently glide along the Ganges by boat whilst listening
to the sweet sounds of a sitar player. Witness the Hindi rituals, hundreds of people taking a bath in
the holy river and offering flowers and water to the Sun God.
This evening, see the incredible Aarti Ceremony which is part of the evening pooja (prayers). During
the ceremony deepas (oil lamps) are offered to Mother Ganga with thanks and devotion for the light of
the sun and for her divine light. As the fire ceremony takes place, bells are rung and chanting and
singing provide a fascinating, magical, and spiritual conclusion to the day's end. Meals: B, D

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for flight to Bombay/Mumbai, located on the Arabian sea.
Time permitting we'll visit a market this afternooon. By now your bargaining skills should be sharp!
Accommodation: Trident hotel 4* (2 nights) Meals: B, D

Our last day of sightseeing starts with a photostop at the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, a UNESCO
world heritage site and beautiful example of Victorian-Gothic style architecture from a by-gone era. Also,
visit the Gateway of India overlooking the Mumbai Harbour and view the beautiful Taj Hotel.
Unique to Mumbai is a dabbawala (food delivery person). There are over 5000 dabbawalas in the city
distributing some 200,000 meals by bicycle and train. The lunchboxes are collected from the clients'
home in the morning, delivered to the workplace, then returned empty in the afternoon. It is the most
efficient delivery system in the world and seeing the dabbawalas in action is a spectacle - Uber Eats
have nothing on these guys!
Another unique feature of Mumbai is the dhobi - a traditional laundryman, who will collect your used
linen, wash it, and return it neatly pressed to your doorstep. We will see Dhobi Ghat where around 200
dhobis and their families work together.
We end the day in Mumbai's beating heart - Dharavi Slum. More than one million people live and work
here and its industries have an annual turnover of around US$665 million. Our walking tour introduces
us to a way of living that is staggering.
It's our last night in India and that calls for a grand finale dinner. Meals: B, D

What a fantastic journey it has been! This morning, transfer to Mumbai airport for flight home. Meals: B

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Join us on:
18th October - 7th November 2025, 21 days, Cost: EUR5800 twin share, EUR1900 single - What's included?

"I loved the variety of accommodation. We stayed in everything from 5 star hotels to sleeping under the stars in the Sahara (who's going to believe me?!)"

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