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Oman Odyssey trip- 12-31 January 2018, USD5500, 17 days

Day 1 Muscat
Arrival day - welcome dinner and briefing about our exciting trip around Oman, full of all the highlights!

Day 2 Muscat
Visit the beautiful Grand Mosque in the morning followed by a quick tour of Muscat's showpiece Opera House. In the afternoon we get an insight into this amazing land with a visit to the museums in old Muscat, which will prepare you for the rest of the trip. Time permitting, we will head to the old market too, or take a stroll along the beautiful corniche.

Day 3 - Muscat to Musandam Peninsula, Khasab town
Today we fly up to the Musandam peninsula, another special part of Oman. We check into our hotel and then go out for an afternoon dhow cruise in the spectacular fiords of the peninsula. Relax on board, see dolphins and experience a very different culture.

Day 4 - Khasab to Muscat
A half day city tour of Khasab provides an introduction to part of the Musandam Peninsula and its capital of Khasab. The Khasab fort is picturesque stronghold built in 17th century. The structure you see today is the result of extensive restoration work carried out in the late 20th century. The fort's location offers excellent views and photo opportunity. Drive to Wadi Tiwi where one could see the pre-historical rock paintings depicting camels, ships etc. Fly back to Muscat

Day 5 Muscat to Jebel Shams
Start your adventure tour of Oman. Visit Nakhl fort which also has the highest fort in Oman, standing proudly on top of a hilltop. The fort is 350 years old and is set in a gorge, surrounded by a mountain enclave. Next to it is the Al Thowara Oasis where one can witness the source of the natural springs. Between Nakhl and Rustaq a hidden road leads up a 2000 m part of the Hajar Mountain range. Stop at Wadi Bani Auf where the main attraction is the old houses nestled on the slopes of the mountain and this Wadi is also well known as the "snake gorge" because of the wide variety of desert snakes that live here. This stretch of graded road is very adventurous!
Visit the charming village of Bilad Sayt where one is awestruck by the beauty of the landscape. Bilad Sayt is a village which famous for its clay houses and the Oasis in which the village population lives. Drive uphill to the peak of the Hajar Mountain. Oman's Grand Canyon is situated amidst the rocky terrain of the Jabal Shams mountain which over 3,000m making it the highest mountain
in Oman.

Day 6: Jebel Shams to Nizwa
Enjoy the morning view - Jabal Shams is the highest peak in the 700 km long Hajar mountain range. You might even be pleasantly surprised to see a few shepherds accompanying their grazing sheep! Experience an untamed and rugged countryside, a pristine world interrupted here and there by tiny settlements. From here proceed to Wadi Ghul, where you can see the Arabian Grand Canyon. Continue your journey to the villages of Al Hamra and Misfah also known as Misfat Al Abreen. The village of Al Hamra boasts a set of ancient ruins. Misfah is a typical Omani village that gives guests an insight into how the locals used to live centuries ago. The houses are made of clay and mud in order to keep the interior cool even during the summer months. Misfah has a falaj system and green terraces which provides the population of Oasis dwellers abundant bounty in terms of fruits (mango, papaya, banana and dates) and vegetables in spite of the dry vegetation elsewhere.

Day 7: Nizwa to Wahiba Sands
Breakfast at hotel and check out. 08.00 AM - Visit the Nizwa fort which has been strategically built atop a hill overlooking the ancient city with its colorful domes and bustling market below. Spend some time in this traditional city and visit the interesting fort with the round tower and the museum and stroll thru the Souq. Nizwa Fort, built by Imam Sultan bin Saif al Ya'arubi in 1668, is the biggest fort in the Arabian Peninsula. The fort was once used as the Imam's headquarters and is a stronghold designed to withstand some of the most aggressive sieges. The traditional doors are inches deep and over the lintel of each is a hole through which boiling date syrup could be poured over the marauding enemies. Wahiba Sands is a vast mass of undulating red and white sand dunes rising up to 200 meters and stretching as far as the eye can see. The sands are the traditional homes of the Bedouins, so it is common to see them moving through the desert with their camels. The camp's serene environment and simplicity is a wonderful experience after our daily urban lives in the city. Sleep sheltered by luxury style accommodation under a roof of starry skies and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience! Enjoy a traditional Arabic meal, Omani coffee and dates.

Day 8: Wahiba sands to Ras el Jinz
After breakfast visit a Bedouin family in middle of the desert. Drive to the beautiful Wadi Bani Khalid. The wadi has clear deep blue waters, where the shade of the palm trees is inviting for a relaxing siesta! Catch a glimpse of the pretty villages scattered all over Wadi Bani Khalid as they cling precariously to the slopes of the rugged mountain-side (Please bring along your swim-wear, the clear warm waters of the Wadi are very inviting!). Continue to your hotel in Ras al Jinz. After a refreshing shower and dinner, assemble in the main lobby of the Carapace research Centre. Around 21:00 PM the rangers will divide you into groups. Proceed on a 15 min walk to the place where the green turtles nest on the calm beaches of Ras Al Jinz. The turtles can be seen late at night or early in the morning (21:00 PM or 04:00 AM). Enjoy this natural phenomenon - an experience that is guaranteed to stay in your memory for a long time.

Day 9: Ras el Jinz to Muscat
Breakfast at hotel and check out. 08.00 AM - Start your journey today to Sur and visit the fishermen's harbor where you can witness the fishermen in action. Dhows are traditional Omani wooden fisher boats that are even today, built by hand - we will visit a dhow building yard. Next adventure: Wadi Shab where beautiful clear pools of the wadi oasis are a serene and rewarding sight in the otherwise barren environment. Time for another swim in the inviting blue waters! After visiting the Wadi - we visit the Bimah Sinkhole, a natural hole in the round created by a collapsing mountain. The hole is filled with blue-green sea water.

Day 10: Muscat
After a leisurely breakfast we take public transport (fun in itself) to visit the Mutrah Souq, stroll along the beautiful cornice and get back to the hotel in time for a swim. Maybe there is evening something happening at the Muscat festival for us to take a look at!

Day 11 Muscat to Salalah
We fly 1000km to Salalah, check in at our beachside hotel. The remainder of the afternoon is afternoon is free to enjoy some relaxation on a white sandy beach, or take a taxi into town and visit the frankincense market, or go to the row of tropical fruit stands for a fresh coconut milk in it's shell!
Salalah is very different to the rest of Oman geographically and culturally - more laid-back than Muscat and with it's own small-town charm.

Day 12 East and West Salalah
The excursion begins in the morning with a visit to the old fishing village of Taqah, famous for the manufacture of Dried Sardines and its traditional & old Dhofari Houses. Visit the century old Taqah Castle, the former official residence of the Wali (Governor) of the region & obtain a glimpse into the rich history of the region. Continue onto the ancient ruins of the once famous city of Sumharam (Khor Rohri). The city was the easternmost outpost of the Hadramawt Kingdom on the ancient incense route between the Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf and India. Khor Rori was an important port on the coast of Dhofar, and one of the major trading cities with frankincense, believed to have been the hub & harbor for the shipping of Frankincense (UNESCO World Heritage site). A picturesque drive then leads you to Mirbat, the ancient capital of Dhofar and the beginning of the 'Frankincense trail'. A picnic lunch box / lunch at local restaurant en route. Stroll through the streets lined with old Omani mud houses & visit the "twin-domed Bin Ali's Tomb" as a photo stop... a classic example of medieval architecture. On our way back to western Salalah, explore the natural spring of Ayn Razat, beautifully laid out amidst the tranquil lush mountains & nourished every day of the year by natural underground spring water. Thereafter we proceed to Qara Mountains to explore the western part of Salalah. On a road steadily winding up a steep incline, herds of camels and cattle are a common sight which gives a scenic view of a traditional Dhofari rural beauty. Visit the ancient tomb of Prophet Job situated in the scenic green mountains of the Salalah Plains. Proceed to the beach of Mughsail where the white sand touches the deep blue of the ocean and at high tide, where waves burst through the natural blow holes. We continue along the road towards the western border of Oman, with its breath-taking cliffs on either side, to see the historical Frankincense trees growing in their natural habitat.

Day 13 Empty Quarter
No trip to Oman is complete without a trip out into the sands of the Empty Quarter - Rub el Khali. We camp out under the stars and enjoy a night in the desert away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world.

Day 14 - Salalah
We return from the Empty Quarter and have a free afternoon.

Day 15 - Salalah
Today you are free to enjoy Salalah - maybe another swim on that gorgeous white sandy beach, maybe mingle with the locals in town or spend time in the frankincense market.

Day 16- Salalah to Muscat
We fly to Muscat and enjoy a final afternoon and night together - we will see how much time we have - and see what we feel like doing - last minute shopping, an evening by the sea, maybe there is something on at the Muscat festival...there are so many things to do!

Day 17
What an amazing trip it has been! Your suitcase will be full of exotic gifts and memories and reek of frankincense. Transfer to airport and flights home.

Vietnam, special one-off trip, 4-20 November 2017, USD3700

Halong Bay

Vietnam is a wonderful country of friendly people, lush landscapes, fascinating bustling cities, markets full of wonderful treasures, divine food, interesting history and culture and more! Everyday here is a new and different experiences - Vietnam really does tick all the travel boxes! You will love it!

Tour Highlights:
-Sample traditional specialities and mix with the locals in the busy streets of Hanoi
-learn about Vietnam's interesting history, culture and people in the fascinating museums
-a very indulgent and totally unforgettable 3 days balmy cruise in the stunning Halong Bay
-visiting the incredible old and atmospheric town of Hoi An
-get wonderful new clothes made to order in Hoi An
-Cooking lessons aboard a boat in Hoi An
-A lovely hike in the lush highlands of Sapa, visiting the Black Hmong people
-explore the Mekong Delta by sampan (boat)
...and much more!!

Day 1, HANOI
Our Vietnam experience begins in Hanoi's fascinating 'Old Quarter'. On arrival, we check into our hotel and have free time to freshen up and rest, or wander down to Hoan Kiem lake for coffee, patisseries and people watching on the lake front. We enjoy a delicious dinner together at one of Hanoi's restaurants, then wander through the fascinating market stalls and boutiques in the Old Quarter, back to our hotel for a refreshing night's sleep. Meals: D

Day 2, HANOI
Hanoi is a beguiling and vibrant city steeped in history, with a wonderful fusion of French colonial and Vietnamese architecture and cuisine. We take the day to visit the city's key sights such as the National Museum and the tranquil Temple of Literature, Vietnam's first university. We'll have an insightful meal at an NGO restaurant which educates and trains 'street kids', giving them skills to pursue careers in the hospitality and tourism industries. There's also be time to trawl the colorful streets of the Old Quarter, where streets are named for the products they sell and everything imaginable is being bought and sold.
We return to Hanoi for a relaxing free afternoon where you may choose to watch the world go by from a lovely cafe, take a stroll around Hoan Kiem lake, or squeeze in some shopping. Meals: B, L, D

Day 3, HANOI - night train to Sapa
Meals: B, lunch and dinner on your own / Accomm: Soft sleeper train - cozy cabin
Hanoi is bursting with things to see and do! You might like to start your day at around 5.30am at the lake watching the Vietnamese doing Tai Chi or ballroom dancing before they go to work. Go wild in the markets for beautiful silk, jewellery and more, indulge in a massage, or take a cyclo to get some history at the Vietnamese Women's Museum and the Hoa Lo Prison (Hilton Hotel).
In the evening, we are driven to the railway station for our night train to Sapa.

Day 4, Lao Cai - Sapa - trekking to Ma Tra - Ta Phin
Meals: B, L, D
Arrive in Lao Cai and be transferred by shuttle bus to Sapa. The bus ride uphill to Sapa takes a little over an hour giving you a glimpse of the stunning vistas and impressive rice terraces. On arrival, we meet our local tour guide and if we like we can take a shower in our partner's hotel.You will enjoy a full buffet breakfast at Chau Long hotel. We start trekking from Sapa and walk through the town for about 20 minutes before turning to a dirt road to Ma Tra, a black H'mong village. The trekking route offers a breathtaking view of vegetable gardens and rice terraces with green mountains rising above. There will be time for visiting with local families and learning about their traditional fiber processing. We continue trekking to Ta Phin village of the Red Dzao, in one of the most scenic valleys in Vietnam. Here we'll stop for a simple lunch before exploring the village.
3.00pm: Return to Sapa by private vehicle to check in to your hotel. You're free to explore the town, its market and sloping streets with all the colorful handicrafts.

Day 5, Sapa - trekking to Lao Chai - Ta Van & evening bus to Hanoi
Meal: B, L, Dinner at own expense | Accommodation: Essence Hanoi hotel
We will meet our guide and depart at 8.00. We start the day by going to the market with the guide to buy all the ingredients we need to cook lunch. We start trekking from Sapa town to Golden Stream valley. The trek offers some stunning views of the rice terraces, gardens and Fan Si Pan mountain range. After crossing a suspension bridge, we will hike up to Lao Chai San village. The scenery here is great. We will continue through the Golden Stream Valley, stopping at Lao Chai village for lunch. After lunch, we will explore the villages of Lao Chai (Black H'mong) and Ta Van (Dzay). This trek is relatively easy, though the trail can be quite slippery if it rains, so good footwear is recommended. After visiting a family of the village, we walk to the main road to meet up with our driver and return to Sapa town. Shower is available at our partner's hotel. In the afternoon, you're free to explore the town and it's market. 3.30pm: Meet the guide. A car takes us to the bus station. 4.00pm: Comfortable shuttle bus departs from Sapa to Hanoi. Enjoy beautiful views driving along the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. The bus is equipped with large individual seats, A/C and wifi. 2 stops on the way. One for toilets at about 6.30pm. The other one for dinner at about 8.00pm.
Around 10.00pm: Arrival in Hanoi center (Ly Thai To street).

Day 6, Hanoi - Halong bay cruise
Meals: B, L, D | Accommodation: Treasure Junk - 4 star
Depart from Hanoi at 8.00 for a 3.5 hours drive to Halong City through the Red River Delta. Upon arrival, get on board of the Treasure Junk. Start cruising from Hon Gai pier to the boundaries of Halong bay while lunch with fresh seafood is served (vegetarian available). After lunch, relax and enjoy the cruise through breathtaking scenery. We are slowly getting off the classic cruising routes, far from the tourists! Limestone rock formations will parade around us for about 2 hours before our first stop in Cong Do area.
We reach the perfect spot, remote and scenic, where the waters of Halong and Bai Tu Long meet. Let's get closer to the water in a kayak and explore the bay in depth, paddle closer to the rocks and go to one of the many beaches in the Bay.
After one and a half hour kayaking, we get back on board - it is time for a sundowner on the deck! The big red sunset will take your breath away. Enjoy a fun cooking demonstration before dinner. Enjoy a wonderful overnight on board in a cosy air-conditioned cabin with en-suite bathroom facilities.

Day 7, Halong bay Discovery & Kayaking
Meals: B, L, D | Accommodation: Treasure Junk - 4 star
Breakfast will be served from 7.15am. If you like, participate in a Tai Chi session before breakfast on deck. It's a great way to start the day.
Around 8.30am, we board a smaller boat. Today, we'll leave all the crowds behind and cruise deeper into Bai Tu Long Bay where we see more of the beautiful and strange rock formations that are only available in this area. We pass several floating hamlets including Cap La and Cong Dam, and we enter the centre of pristine Bai Tu Long Geology Park. A whole day of fun and relaxation with more kayaking, more swimming, more sandy beaches, more floating houses, more local cuisine, too divine for words! We are back to our support boat for a delicious hot lunch at noontime. After lunch, we spend a little more time for kayaking or relaxing.
The guide will lead you back to the Treasure Junk in the mid-afternoon. Time for more relaxation and a cocktail or 2 on the deck.

Day 8, Halong - Hanoi & nite train to Hue
Meal: B, L, D| Accommodation: Soft sleeper train
We will be back at the pier about 11am, and driven to Hanoi with an expected arrival time about 4pm. The day will be short so let's wake up early to take the maximum of it.
Coffee, tea and cakes will be served from 6.30am. A 30-minute Tai Chi session will energize your body and soul or just allow yourself some time for a sunbath with a cup of coffee. About 7.45am, we hop on bamboo boats to go visiting a secluded floating village surrounded by the mountains. We make our way between numerous floating houses and small rowing boats that serve as vehicles to itinerant shops, fishing utilities, and sometimes as overnight shelter. Back on treasure before 9am, we start cruising back to the pier. From 9.30am, a brunch will be served. Take a last glance at the rocks, standing still as the eternal guardians of a kingdom.
We return to Hanoi, for a final dinner in this buzzing city. After dinner we board the Reunification Express for our overnight train journey (in sleeper berths), to Hue. Overnight on soft sleeper train to Hue (shared 04 berth cabin, air-conditioner)

Day 9, Hue - sightseeing
Meals: B, L, D | Accommodation: Eldora Hue - 4 star
Our train arrives in Hue around 0940 am. Situated on the banks of the Perfume River and celebrated by Vietnamese poets for its romantic air and beauty, Hue was home to the Royal Dynasty until 1945. After checking in to our hotel, we take a fun tour of Hue's countryside, chauffeured on motos by the Lady Riders, visiting emperors' tombs, Buddhist pagodas and historic sites. This evening we enjoy a delicious gourmet buffet and cultural performance at the famed Saigon Morin.

Day 10, Hue - Hoian
Meals: B, D | Accommodation: HOTEL
We travel the scenic coastal road by private bus to our favourite Vietnamese town, Hoi An. On arrival we check into our tranquil hotel and have free time for lunch in the hotel's garden restaurant or a nearby cafe. This afternoon FREE TIME TO stroll along the river front or cycle out to the beach, then return and enjoy dinner together at one of the town's excellent restaurants - a great way to begin sampling the rich history and culture.

Day 11, Hoian
Meal: B, |Accommodation: HOTEL
Hoi An was an important trading port from the 17th-19th centuries. Wandering the streets, you really feel embraced by history. The town now has UN World Heritage status and its profusion of old houses, quiet streets and covered bridge are being preserved and restored. Motor vehicles are not permitted in the inner historic quarter, which makes for a fantastic walking and cycling experience.
Hoi An is also the ultimate place to have affordable clothes made to order. There's a gorgeous beach nearby and people-watching on the riverfront, cool drink in hand, is hard to beat. Shop for a new outfit (or new wardrobe!) and dine at your choice of the town's riverside caf??s.

Day 12, Hoian - Cooking Class course
Meals: B, L
Today we drive to the My Son sanctuary. This was the site for religious ceremonies of kings of the Champa dynasty, and was also a burial place for Champa's royalty and national heroes. The My Son temples are one of the largest Hindu complexes in southeast Asia and are a premier heritage in Vietnam. Though much of the complex has been destroyed over time, we can still see many majestic ruins of temples and learn what archaeologists can tell us about the deep history in this area. Afterwards, we head offshore on a boat for a wonderful cooking class onboard! You will have lots of fun cooking up a storm and finding out the secrets behind all those amazing dishes you have been eating.

Day 13, Hoian - free in the morning - afternoon fly to Ho Chi Minh -
Meal: B, D | Accommodation: Harmony Saigon
We catch the afternoon flight to Ho Chi Minh city. Greeted at Tan Son Nhat airport and driven to your hotel.

Day 14, Ho Chi Minh - Cu Chi tunnels & city tour
Meal: B, L, D | Accommodation: Harmony Saigon
Visit of Cu Chi - a byzantine maze of underground passages, chambers, rooms and booby traps used during the war. You'll be able to get an idea of what it would have been like to live, sleep and eat in the underground passages and bunkers during the fierce battles above and below the surface. Return to the city for lunch at a tasty restaurant in the city centre.
In the afternoon, you'll discover the Reunification Palace - a blend of traditional ritual and modern architecture, served as the presidential palace of South Vietnam until reunification in 1975. Then, you'll also visit the War Remnants Museum - one of the most sobering, yet popular, museums in the city. It highlights the suffering of the Vietnamese people at the hands of the French and American forces up to 1975, and while its perspective is less than perfectly balanced, its exhibits nonetheless are well designed and ably document the folly of war.

Day 15, Ho Chi Minh - Ben Tre - Can Tho
Meal: B, L, D | Accommodation: Hau Giang hotel in Can Tho
We depart from the hotel and arrive in Ben Tre about 10am to board a boat for a nice cruise along the Ham Luong River. We go at an easy pace and enjoy several stops en route to discover some traditions of the region. To end a busy morning and prepare for a slightly late lunch, we hop on bikes and start a leisure ride through forest and orchards. We reach a nice riverside restaurant and taste some typical cuisine of the Mekong delta.
The afternoon is dedicated to waterways exploration. On a sampan along narrow canals first, and then back on the boat to cruise back to the pier. We loop-the-loop in Ben Tre and then get back on the car to drive to Can Tho. Spend the evening at your leisure seeing the town by foot or pedicab, or find a quiet place for a cocktail by the river.

Day 16, Can Tho - Ho Chi Minh
Meals: B, L, D| Accommodation: Harmony Saigon
After an early breakfast, we start a boat cruise to head to the bustling Cai Rang floating market - the largest and most colorful in the Mekong delta. Feel free to take photographs, talk or bargain while our boat glides slowly through the market mayhem. There are fantastic photo opportunities amidst the huge variety of agricultural bounty on sale here. Farming boats big and small trade seasonal fruits and an array of other goods in a chorus of sights and smells that you won't soon forget.
We then take a leisurely stroll through the farms and houses of a nearby village to see fragrant tropical fruit orchards, cross over quiet streams on monkey bridges, and pause for a cup of tea with friendly locals. We spend some time in the surroundings to visit a local fish market, a noodle workshop and an ancient Khmer pagoda. We then make the short drive back to Can Tho for a relaxing lunch, and we then start the drive back to Saigon and return you back to your hotel around 5pm. Final dinner together.

Day 17, Ho Chi Minh
What an incredible, unforgettable journey it has been! Vietnam is a trip that will stick with you for a long time - the lovely people, the breathtaking countryside, the fantastic shopping, the heartbreaking history and the delicious food. I'm sure it will leave you wanting more!

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Pull up a seat, I'd like to have a chat with you about risk, travel and common sense. Yesterday I was sitting with my Dutch friend Jose commiserating the lack of tourists in the Sinai, Egypt. We both live here at the moment, in this sleepy, peaceful Red Sea beachside town, inhabited by ex-pats and the local Bedouin tribe. Since the revolution in Egypt, ongoing unrest and some kidnappings in the past couple of years here in the Sinai desert, tourists have been warned to stay away. Even though you couldn't be in a safer place. We need to get this in perspective.

Recently Joses family visited her and she wanted to take them on a safari into the beautiful local desert. Because of the brief kidnappings of 2 Americans and later a couple of Brazilians, her sister didn't want to go. Jose, who works in tourism, was insulted that her sister even considered that she might be putting her life at risk. She knew that the kidnappings were a protest by the oppressed Bedouins to get some wrongfully jailed relatives freed. (There was a law in Egypt whereby you could be imprisoned on suspicion of something and without trial, needless to say there are many innocent people in jail here.) In both cases of the kidnappings, the "hostages" had a cultural experience. The Americans were given tea and food and a nice time, and the Brazilians were asked to give the prizes at the local Camel Race - just to show it was not aimed at them, just to prove a point to their oppressors, the Egyptian government. To add insult to injury, Jose's sister later booked a trip to New York. Jose was flabbergasted (love that word!). I mean, hello??

Because of the kidnappings foreign governments issued travel warnings about going into the Sinai desert, thereby killing the safari business which local Bedouins live on. Further oppression. However, consider this: after recent shootings in the US, people continue to go to Batman movies and they are still sending their kids to school. Noone was hurt here in the Sinai, yet harmful paranoia was spread.

I firmly believe, after many years on this planet, and working in adventure tourism, that when your number is up, your number is up. I fell 20m out of the sky once in a paragliding accident. I was delivered to hospital by helicopter with a broken back and foot severed at the ankle. Nurses kept coming in and telling me my life was a gift from God. I didn't end up in a wheelchair or die. My number wasn't up. S*** happens, that's life. But my number wasn't up that day.

I worked in an adventure office selling rafting, canyoning and bungy jumping trips. I often got asked, as someone booked a trip "Am I going to die?" I was never quite sure how to answer this one, but my response was usually one of the following:
"I don't know" (I'm not God after all!),
"I didn't just sell you a death trip, I sold you a rafting trip",
"Yes. One day...",
or "You have just booked a raft trip, I can't guarantee that you wont walk outside and get hit by a bus". The answer depended on my mood, of course. We can't predict our deaths, and it usually happens when we least expect it.

The word "adventure" implies a certain amount of risk. There is "soft adventure" and "extreme adventure". Whatever the case, adventures are great, they make us live in the moment and keep us alive and our hearts beating. It is important to calculate the risk. Some adventures are controlled, some are not. Its up to you how much risk you want to take, just like in the share market. But always calculate the risk based on good information, not on rumours and hearsay.

A plane falls out of the sky and 300 people die, and people don't stop flying. Its just media hype that puts fear into the hearts of the all the sheeple out there and stops them thinking and influences their decisions. Fear makes you buy certain beauty creams, life and car insurance etc. Stop and have a think for a minute and ask yourself what you are really afraid of. You might find you are fearing nothing at all, something that does not even exist or that might not even happen.

Lets talk about beliefs - remember Bird Flu? It was going to wipe out lots of the worlds population and governments were preparing for it. It wasn't a matter of IF it was going to happen, but WHEN. This had people living in fear and probably adjusting their lives in strange ways, just like the end of the world and the Mayan calendar. If you believe all that stuff, chances are you are a "sheeple". Sheeple don't analyse the news, they just take it at face value. So why do you believe that stuff? Is it because someone told you it so it must be true, or is it because it is something you experienced? Why do you accept it to be true? Watch the news - they tell you exactly who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, you are not even allowed to decide for yourself. That's why there is so much anti-muslim sentiment. If you watched Arab news you might decide the US is the worlds' biggest terrorist for all the damage done and lives lost in Iraq and many other countries.

OK, you get the picture now? Good. Don't forget: Life is a risk, that's all there is to it. Strange things happen. Good things happen too. Don't believe all that you read and hear if you weren't there yourself. Don't let the media tell you what to believe. Live the day, for you never know when the end will come. Have adventures. And only believe what you want in this article, because its just based on my own meandering experience. Thanks for your listening. â~º

We asked our clients in a travel survey: Why choose a women-only trip over a mixed one?

Gin o'clock in Morocco

The following answers sum up why our adventure trips for women are so awesome!
-Usually you can relax more - not intimidated by the way you look or dress and usually have a hell of a lot more fun and laughs
-Safer, more relaxed environment, no competition with the men (or for the men!)
-It is more relaxing to visit/shop/look at something/take ones time/etc and not wonder if ones partner is - or isn't- enjoying himself.
-Mixed trips change the dynamics of the group. Always!
-Women only rules!!!!!
-we talk the same language
-Women travelling together are for the most part easy going, not competitive, more open to trying new things, more comfortable in our own skin, and more willing to let a country and its people under our skin. Also, we can forget about our roles in life (wife, mother etc) and focus all our energy on just being us! are a pain and whine to get their own way.
...and last but not least, and this answer sums it all up:
-Because men are from Mars and women are from Venus! (simple really...)


Venus eating cake!

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"Gin O'clock" is an important part of the day on a Venus Adventures trip.

It's usually just before dinner, in a wonderful spot - maybe on a sand dune, or in a locally decorated beautiful room. It's a time when we unwind, relax, have a drink and socialize together, maybe tell a few tales of the days events and get to know each other more. And of course, have a few laughs! Gin is our preferred tipple, but of course, you can drink anything from a juice to a glass of wine, depending on your taste!

Did you know
.... that the recipe for Gordon's Gin is known to only twelve people in the world and has been kept a secret for 250 years?
...that Bombay Sapphires name originates from the gin's popularity in India in of the days of the British Raj and the sapphire in question is the Star of Bombay on display at the Smithsonian Institution.

A BAZAAR EXPERIENCE or the Golden Rules on how to avoid getting completely ripped off and buying more rugs than you can poke a stick at when in an Arab souq (market)

OK, so have found yourself in a fabulous Arab bazaar in some hot, sandy and exotic country. It is a maze of twisting alleyways crammed with people and intriguing shoplets selling bright and alluring handicrafts: colourfully decorated carpets, lamps, clothes, leather and metalware. Trapped in shopping heaven, you almost pass out with excitement. Sweet, musky incense wafts through the air, and as you saunter along in the heat, handsome swarthy men try to entice you into their shops with cheesey one-liners "Madame, can I ask you something?"

Shopping in an Arab souq is something you have to be in the mood for. Patience and a sense of humour are a necessity or you won't last 5 minutes. And if you don't have your wits about you, you may find yourself limping back to your hotel under the strain of five carpets and no money to finance the rest of your trip and wondering how that all happened when all you wanted to buy was a scarf. You had only asked out of interest how much that lovely rug was...and before you knew it - you had five!

Golden Rule No. 1: don't ask how much something is unless you want to buy it. If you do ask, you are entering into a "negotiation" - commonly known as "haggling". Your lovely salesman will enquire how long you have been in his country to see how green (stupid) you are, suss out how many gold rings you have on, and then name an extortionate price. Your jaw will drop and you will gasp in horror.

Golden Rule No. 2: ask yourself how much you might pay for this item back home, look at the quality, and then remember you are buying it at the source. It has not been imported and you are cutting out several middlemen. Think what you would be prepared to pay, and then name a lower price. Now it is your salesman's turn to gasp in horror and act insulted. Game on!

Haggling is theatrics, and can be a lot of fun if you are patient. Have a mint tea and get comfortable! You will now negotiate with your man, he will try to force your price up with all sorts of sob stories about how business has been bad, how many kids he has to feed etc. You have to invent some of your own sob stories about how little money you have and you saved all your life to get here...remember, keep it fun and encourage humour!

Golden Rule No. 3: Stick to your guns! The Arab salesman always wants to win this game, even if only by a small amount, but if possible, by a huge amount! If the price gets beyond what you are willing to pay - walk away. Better to walk away than to regret it later. If your price was not fair, he will let you go. If your price was reasonable after all, your charming salesman will most likely come after you (he hates to miss a sale), drag you back to the shop, wrap your exotic treasure into a neat package, and relieve you of your cash.

And this brings me to the most important rule, Golden Rule No. 4: both parties should be happy at the end of the transaction - you should be happy with what you paid and the treasure that you bought, and the salesman should be happy with his sale. And thus you will get the lovely scarf you wanted and not five rugs.

"I loved the variety of accommodation. We stayed in everything from 5 star hotels to sleeping under the stars in the Sahara (who's going to believe me?!)"

Leigh, NZ

Life is uncertain - eat cake!

"Life is uncertain
- eat cake!"

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